Early Essentials To Happiness

Prevent the leading causes to break up with this survival kit

Course Description

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a time machine that you could use to go back and prevent any major disasters from happening in your relationship that may have transpired at some point in the past? Of course it would! Unfortunately though, time machines aren’t a reality yet, but what if you were given the chance and ability to prevent some major problems from happening to your relationship’s future?


All too often, many couples make critical mistakes early on in the relationship that end up being the main reasons why they break up or divorce in the future. If only they had known about the early essentials and were guided on how to build a firm foundation with their partner from the beginning, would it allow them to prevent such potential disasters and heartache from happening.


This course is an absolute must for any couples wanting to get married or seeking a long-term commitment. Learn what are the essential factors involved and receive the information necessary to working through these critical components with your partner in order to receive a lifetime of happiness!

Building A Road To A Lifetime Of Happiness

Here's what you will get...

Gain knowledge, insights, tips and guidance into the most important relationship subjects that often go overlooked by so many couples, which typically end up causing problems, break up and even divorce.

Receive assessments, evaluations, action plans and the tools necessary to understand, approach and manage expectations, deal breakers, finances, relationship goals, self-care and more.

Obtain material that is supported by social science and backed by our combined years of relationship experience, higher education, counselling, training, and coaching.

Course Curriculum

Module 1Introduction 
A personal message from Daniel & Jez on what you will learn from this course.
Unit 1Coaches' Note
Module 2Expectations 
Understand the importance of having certain expectations and how it impacts the health of the relationship.
Unit 1Defining Expectations
Unit 2Experience vs. Expectation
Unit 3Managing Expectations
Module 3Deal Breakers 
Determine what the deal breakers are for you and your partner. Get assistance on how to discuss and work through the evaluation worksheet.
Unit 1Identifying Deal Breakers
Unit 2Evaluation Worksheet
Module 4Life Priorities Reality Check 
Discover if your life priorities are aligned to your personal values and receive tips + action plans for any misalignment.
Unit 1Quiz
Unit 2Life Action Plan
Module 5Relationship Goals 
Learn how to start developing relationship goals and setting up monthly plans on ways to achieve them.
Unit 1How To Start
Unit 2Goal Setting Worksheet
Unit 3Monthly Life Balance Sheet
Module 6Financial Planning 
Determine how you and your partner personally view the value of money and receive insights and worksheets on how to balance your finances together.
Unit 1Determining Value
Unit 2Quiz
Unit 3The Conversation
Unit 4Financial Worksheet
Module 7Self-care 
Get a firm understanding whether you are depleting yourself in the relationship and learn to how to realign your self-care needs accordingly.
Unit 1What Is It?
Unit 2Quiz
Unit 3Physical
Unit 4Psychological
Unit 5Emotional
Unit 6Social
Module 8Conclusion 
A summary of the lessons learned and outcome of your education.
Unit 1Review
Unit 2Completion

Do not wait for problems to happen, prevent them now!

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