Win Every Argument

Get all the cognitive skills you need to establish a win-win everytime

Course Description

Tired of getting into quarrels and arguments with your partner that end up going nowhere? Wouldn’t it be nice if you were able have your partner really listen to you in order for you to be understood and get your point across? Better yet, wouldn’t it be great to win every argument that you ever get into? Ready to find out how?


Gain access to highly valuable methods and techniques that will transform your arguments into positive and beneficial discussions, which will actually benefit your relationship instead of cause more problems in it. Learn how to be in control of the conversation and direct it towards a favorable outcome.

Establish Win-Win Situations

Here's what you will get...

An easy to follow self-help course that provides various high impact techniques, which will allow you to construct a winning position for the arguments you have with your partner.

This system can effectively resolve disputes between you and your partner and turn every heated argument into one that will allow your partner to listen as well as provide a mutual resolution for you both.

Obtain material that is supported by social science and backed by our combined years of relationship experience, higher education, therapy counselling, training, and coaching.

Course Curriculum

Module 1Introduction 
A personal message from Daniel & Jez on what you will learn from this course.
Unit 1Coaches' Note
Module 2Why Couples Argue 
Discover the reasons why couples quarrel and understand the effects of irrational beliefs in a relationship.
Unit 1Why Couples Argue: Irrational Beliefs
Unit 2Examples
Unit 3Quiz
Module 3Technique 1: Expressing 
Learn the rules of what to do and what not to do when trying to express yourself during an argument.
Unit 1The 5 Golden Rules
Unit 2"Why?" During Arguments
Unit 3Absolutizing Words
Unit 4Quiz
Module 4Technique 2: Echoing 
Gain insights on how your actions are reciprocated and discover the methods to make your partner react in the way you want them to.
Unit 1The Mirroring Effect
Unit 2Quiz
Unit 3L.E.A.R.N
Unit 4S.O.L.E.R
Module 5Technique 3: Exhibiting 
Learn how to better relate and demonstrate empathy towards your partner while also discovering the art of questioning.
Unit 1The Art Of Paraphrasing
Unit 2Socratic Questioning Technique
Unit 3Quiz
Module 6Extra Bonus 
Additional resources to further nurture your self-empowerment journey towards having a lasting and successful relationship.
Unit 1Handy Tips
Unit 2Review
Module 7Conclusion 
A summary of the lessons learned and outcome of your education.
Unit 1Completion

Take control over your arguments!

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