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Daniel & Jez Rucerito (ACC)

International Coach Federation Certified Coaches

It can be stressful when facing roadblocks in a marriage. We can provide you with effective ways to help you fix your marriage problems. It’s inevitable to encounter issues in your relationship and you are not alone. With our professional expertise, you can discover the best ways to overcome your situation and accelerate your ability to move forward.

Our expertise is marriage coaching with an accredited proficiency in counselling. Therefore, we combine both methods to best serve you. Providing 1-on-1 marriage coaching and counselling, with an extended ability to conduct 2-on-2 sessions via our Marriage Fix-It Online Program can help you achieve faster and more effective results with your spouse.

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Your Pathway To A Meaningful Marriage

Resolve marriage challenges while strengthening your ability to create positive change even if you may be the only one making effort in the relationship.

*Results may vary for each individual or couple.


Depending on the severity of the marriage situation, we will best advise you on how to move forward in constructing a much improved relationship with your spouse. Breakthroughs may materialize after 3-4 sessions. A free 15 mins consultation prior to the 1st session will be established.


 Removal of self-doubts

 Attainment of self-healing

 Better sense of awareness

 Increased self-confidence

 Discovery of hidden strengths

 Sustainable joy and happiness

 Better communication with your partner

Who Can Benefit

Our unique transformative coaching method is highly effective for both individuals and couples looking to get marriage help, resolve marriage problems, save marriage, restore love, enhance intimacy and develop a sustainable relationship. This is based on the understanding that it will take time and personal effort to achieve desired results. It is also highly powerful for individuals seeking personal growth.

Not Intended For

Any individuals or couples that may be suffering from severe trauma or undergoing psychological medical conditions, such as depression or any other mental disorder should seek immediate assistance from a psychologist or psychiatrist. We also recommend anyone encountering physical, alcohol or drug abuse to get help from your nearest police department or treatment center.


With Certified Transformative Coaches Experienced In Marital Issues

Choose your session with Daniel or Jez for an individual coaching session,

or engage in our Marriage Fix-It Program with both Daniel and Jez if you are attending together as a couple.

Daniel Rucerito

ICF ACC Certified Coach
G.C In Social Science
(Professional Counselling)
Transactional Analysis Coaching
International Coach Federation Member
Advanced Cert. Training & Assessment

As a certified Coach and Counsellor, Daniel’s strength is his connectedness which makes it seamless for many to comfortably open up their feelings. With years of experience in relationship matters, Daniel uses problem-solving techniques to minimize shortcomings with followed through action plans.

Jez Lim-Rucerito

ICF ACC Certified Coach
G.C In Social Science
(Professional Counselling)
Transactional Analysis Coaching
International Coach Federation Member

Having guided many, Jez’s greatest strength is her empathy and the ability to relate to others experiences, allowing people to feel understood and non-judged. Jez uses perception processing to help one discover a different perspective and understand the cognitive behavior behind broken relationships.

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Marriage Coaching Online

Whether you are in USA, Europe or Asia, we can conveniently conduct a private Skype Video Session at the comfort of your own home. We have helped numerous couples all over the world, and it’s time to let us to help you too.


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  • USD85.00
  • Per Session (60 mins)

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