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The Marriage Fitness Workshop

Strengthen Relationship Muscles

To Build A Stronger Marriage

“Discover The Science That Creates Healthy & Happy Marriages”

Get Your Love Life Into Great Shape

Workout These Relationship Muscles

Enhance Communication

Stop The Blame Game For Good.

Fight Less Love More.

Strengthen Commitment

Eliminate The Route To Divorce.

 Preserve The Spark.

Stretch Knowledge

Know What Lies Ahead.

 Chart A Successful Love Life.


Based on social science and over 40 years of relationship research, this marriage enrichment workshop will give you all the necessary skills and knowledge to significantly improve the health of your marriage. Designed for ALL couples in a committed relationship, it can be attended individually or with your spouse. Either way, this 3-day workshop will provide you the road map to keep your marriage fit.

Here’s What You Can Expect:

  • Master the art and science behind communicating love
  • Construct and sustain the building blocks of trust & intimacy
  • Recognize underlying issues that sabotage a marriage
  • Create a safe space to stop walking on egg shells
  • How to talk about finances and resolve money conflicts
  • Understanding the impact of work-love balance
  • Better manage relationship expectations
  • Uncover strengths and create appreciation for each other
  • Develop relationship goals to foster a lifelong companionship
  • Transform daily conflicts into growth and affection
  • Straighten misaligned values & beliefs into acceptance
  • Learn how to become support pillars to one another


A marriage can become stagnant, turn into a deadly routine, or wither away once someone stops trying. Sweet romance can turn into annoyance or boredom. Gaining expertise in the science of love will help create and build a solid foundation.


Individuals and couples can expect to receive interactive hands-on experience, rich insights, teachings on the art of love communication, skills on how to overcome relationship challenges, ways to create lasting devotion and life transformation.


Topics and activities covered will address how to create a safe space in your marriage, strengthen communication, re-align any conflicting values & beliefs, manage finances, appreciate strengths, and create love maps for a successful marriage.

The Marriage Fitness Workshop

April 20 - 22, 2018

Friday 7pm - 10pm
Saturday & Sunday 9.30am - 5.30pm

@ Boca Raton, South Florida (Venue To Be Confirmed)

Seats Are Limited To 25 Pax Only. Register Now or Inquire More

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"Experience The Difference"

Wealth Of Love Framework & Marriage Fitness Workshop Curriculum

The Wealth of Love Framework was specially designed and developed by Daniel Rucerito & Jez Lim. It combines over 40 years of relationship research and is based on the foundations of transformative coaching and social science.


It includes a complete 360 degree approach towards achieving relationship enlightenment and marriage satisfaction. The main framework is made up of 3 core elements: Communication, Commitment, and Knowledge.


* This exclusive framework is the copyright and trademark of Jollybright.

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About The Trainers

Daniel & Jez Rucerito

Marriage Fitness Instructors

Accredited coaches Daniel & Jez have been professionally trained in transformative coaching and are active members of the International Coach Federation – the leading global organization recognized for its rigorous coaching credentialing program.

Experienced and certified in social science (professional counselling), Daniel & Jez not only share an extreme passion in helping couples enhance their relationship satisfaction but also provide various pathways to have them achieve positive growth and life transformation. Our story >>

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