Enriching Couples Lives

Inspiring Relationship Satisfaction

"Helping You Build A Stronger Marriage"

Daniel & Jez Rucerito

ICF Associate Certified Coaches

Our Story

Being firm believers that all things in life happen for a reason, we see our coming together as lifelong partners and relationship coaches not only a sign to leading a happy and fulfilling life together but also to impart our knowledge and experience to others that may be struggling or coping with various relationship challenges.

After various failed relationships and broken marriages, we both learned invaluable lessons and gained insights on how to apply positive habits towards sustaining a healthy relationship.

Having both attained a Graduate Certificate in Social Science (professional counselling) and as Professional Marriage Coaches (ACC Certified by International Coach Federation), we share the same passion in wanting to enhance couples’ lives and individuals seeking to establish relationship satisfaction.

Combining social science into our relationship education programs, we help people discover the wealth of love by enlightening them with cognitive knowledge, using perception processing to overcome relationship challenges, create lasting devotion and develop life transformation.

The Struggles

Before discovering the breakthroughs in how to create and sustain love, we exhausted ourselves in our past relationships by over-providing, leaving very little for ourselves and neglecting personal self-care. We struggled with communication from not knowing how to express our thoughts and emotions effectively, which led to further misunderstandings and a build up resentments.

It wasn’t that our ex-partners were inadequate. In fact, they have their strengths and positive characteristics.

It’s just we depleted ourselves and didn’t know how to deal with the challenges that most couples face. Eventually, our relationships were filled with loneliness, emptiness and suffered from a lack of communication. From the inability to address our relationship issues, we underwent depression and struggled to find happiness.

Strengths & Successes

In our search for happiness, we took steps to end our exhaustion once and for all and decided to empower ourselves with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve a happier and healthier relationship.

It took time for us to heal from our previous broken relationships but during the process, we made significant efforts to discover more about ourselves and how to deal with relationship challenges. We developed a deeper understanding of empathy, discovered the importance of reciprocation, enhanced our communication skills and implemented a change of habits into our current relationship.

Finally, we had obtained the knowledge and tools required to change our attitudes and improved ourselves to the point where we could create and sustain lasting love. The kind of love that we’ve always longed for.

Ever since applying these techniques and healthy habits into our relationship, we’ve been truly enjoying a genuine, warm and transparent bond with one another. Now when people see us in public, they often comment how loving we are and frequently ask us how we maintain it. With love in our lives, we’ve become a whole lot happier, more well-balanced, and have attained a good level of inner peace.

Great relationships lead to good health. Healthy relationships begin with healthy habits. Mastering the art and science behind strong and happy marriages are the keys to sustaining relationship satisfaction.