Relationship Strength Assessment

How strong is your current relationship?


Are you enjoying a good bond with your partner or is there a loss of connectivity?

This assessment will evaluate the strength of your relationship.

Are you able to name 5 activities that you and your partner both enjoy doing together?
Do you first share the details with your partner before friends or family when something significant takes place in your life?
Do the both of you greet each other with hugs or kisses when you first meet for the day?
Are there secrets about you that others know but your partner doesn't?
Does your partner bicker, complain or nag at you often?
Do you currently feel that your partner may be having an affair?
On a daily basis, do the both of you chat about light-hearted matters such as leisure travel plans, relationship goals, new places to explore, etc.?
Does your partner make you laugh more than cause you frustration?
Do you or your partner's parents cause arguments between each other?
Would you still have entered into a relationship with your partner now knowing their flaws?
Has your partner said "I Love You" within the last 2 weeks?
Do the both of you know each others' earning income?
Do you often look forward to hanging out with your partner right after work?
Do you find that your partner prioritizes work, friends or hobbies before you?
Do you sometimes wonder if there would be someone else better to be in a relationship with other than your partner?
Does your partner appear to be in daze or not really registering what you say most of the time?
Does your partner frequently respond with "I'm busy now, I will call you after work." whenever you call during work hours?
Have you spent more than 70% of your free time with your partner over the last 3 months?
Do you think that your partner has enriched your life?
Does your partner appear moody or sulky most of the time when you are together?
Is there at least one hobby or leisure activity that you and your partner share together?
Is your partner's reaction defensive, self-justifying or unsympathetic whenever an issue arises?
Do you feel that you would be better off without your partner?
Do you spend more effort dressing up to meet friends and other people than with your partner?
Do logistical matters such as work, finances, children/parents, groceries and household chores occupy more than 80% of the conversation with your partner?
Does your partner seem to prefer hanging out with their friends more than you?
Is your partner currently your best friend too?
Have you and your partner discussed about future financial goals together?
Do you get along with your partner's parents?
Does your partner get along with your parents?
Are there any intimacy issues with your partner?
Do you and your partner regularly exhibit public displays of affection (holding hands, kissing)?
Is your partner controlling, possessive or get jealous easily?
Do you frequently get into quarrels or arguments with your partner?
Do you prefer your partner to have more overseas trips or not be around so that you can have more "space"and "me-time"?
Can you completely trust your partner?

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